In the line of fire.

What started out as a quick trip up onto the slopes of Devils Peak with John Pace, to do some portraits of fatigued fire minders, turned into an action-packed afternoon.

With the fires flaring up again after a week's continuous burning, we joined out portrait subjects and hopped onto the fire trucks, as they rushed into the thick of the action with the Cape Town Fire Brigade.

In the course of the afternoon, the wind switched,  the fire backtracked and encircled the whole firefighting team and the chief had to call in the chopper to drop a few water bombs on us to create  a route out.

This gave me quite an insight into the temperatures and rigours these brave hardworking people endure.

In the week that followed John turned my pictures into a social tribute that ran as dps poster in the Cape Times saying thanks from the residents of the city for their effort and valour.