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Growing up as a young boy I was always forced to “smile for the camera”. I hated it and as it was my reference to photography, I was really surprised when I became a photographer myself.

The diversity and range of subject matter I have been exposed to as a photographer has made my life richer and more fulfilling. My understanding of time and the significance, or insignificance, of moments in ones life, has been altered by it. My appreciation of beauty and where it can be found has broadened.

Working commercially has forced me to adapt, learn and grow. I say forced because it is not always optional, but I am better for it, both as a photographer and a person. I strive to create visuals that will define and portray who you are and what you offer.

Time and light are the raw materials, perception and control the tools. Beauty, energy and simplicity are some of the key ingredients and are complimented by a vast array of technical skills and visual knowledge that I bring to each project.

A desire to visually develop both myself and your brief keep me inspired and motivated, keen to surpass expectations.

On location or from my very well equipped studio in Woodstock, Cape Town, I continue to turn people’s ideas and experiences into images and I look forward to hearing from you and taking your brief.


  • Salisbury Studios
    23A Salisbury Rd
    Woodstock, Cape Town

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  • Phone: +27 (0) 82 751 2605